I tried my best to like 1.6, but it just does not feel as balanced, and enjoyable as 1.5. Instead of improvements 1.6 has brought so many other glitches, and problems that it will take a long time before they're ironed out. It seems that Valve was in a hurry to take Steam out of beta stage, maybe for the lunch of HalfLife2, but 1.6 was certainly not ready to come out of beta. The shield is screwing the happiness out of everyone with a glitch, which makes the guy with shield invincible. The new Aztec is really ugly, but I'm sure someone will update the old Aztec for 1.6. The two new rifles are imbalanced, unpredictable, and do not sit will with the rest of the weapons in CS' I don't know about you people, but I feel that the shield just does not go with CS, Its buggy, cartoonish, and downright ridicules. Personally I'm really disappointed by 1.6, at least in it present stage. I guess its now up to the community to balance things out... and please Admins, ban the shield until it's fixed

Any help will be apprecited.

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