Tips for cleaning dust from the house
Open the windows with a view to opening them for a long period of time so as not to enter dust, dust and accumulate in the house, and close them at the time of air attacks and hurricanes and open them at just the right time.
It is preferable to cover tables and chairs with mattresses and multiple covers well so as not to accumulate dust on them and buy from the areas of fabrics and mattresses in various shapes and colors with beautiful drawings to test what suits your home decor.
It is preferable to use dust-free cleaning surfaces because it is one of the most important cleaning methods of other tools, they do not injure the furniture and do not scratch, they are
In the form of blades used to get rid of the dust every day without fatigue or effort and no need to remove the furniture from its place.
Put important books and objects in closed places and not leave them in places so as not to accumulate dust.
In the case of the presence of children when cleaning should be removed from the places of cleaning so as not affected by dust and dust and not exposed to respiratory problems.
It is necessary to wear a muzzle on the nose and mouth so as not to be affected by dust and protect the respiratory system from the problems it faces as a result of exposure to dust.
It is necessary to reduce the things that increase the cracks in the house.
You should pay attention to carpet and wash it every year so as not to tire you when cleaning.
The house is exposed to sunlight for a period of time it is very useful to kill the germs.
Tips for cleaning dust from the house - the way to clean the dust from the house
Tips for cleaning dust from the house - the way to clean the dust from the house
Other ways to clean the house
Arrange things in the house and flush them well to get rid of dust and dust attached to them.
Clean the rooms of the house thoroughly and then clean the kitchen Start by putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or wash it thoroughly with soap and water to wash the dishes, then clean the suction and gas using many quick-acting detergents, then wash the refrigerator and polish the glass and clean the travel table and wipe the ground.
Arrange the dishes and put them in place after finishing washing.
Collect children's toys from all over the place and place them in a place dedicated to them so that they do not take place during the cleaning.
Arrange the clothes by placing the clothes that you do not use permanently in the back and the clothes you use in the front to make it easier for yourself while wearing.
Collect the dirty clothes first and put them in the washer.
Arrange the wardrobes beautifully and coordinated.
Clean the room to sit using an electric vacuum cleaner because the broom helps to suction the accumulated dust in the characters and hard to clean, clean the table and vases of dust.
Clean the bathroom using a specialized detergent for bathrooms and perfumes.
The house smells beautiful whether using incense or perfumery for the home.