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Helping Google find the content for your website
The first step to getting your site included in Google is to make sure that Google can find it. The best way to do this is to submit a sitemap. A sitemap is a file on your site that informs search engines of new or changed pages on your site. Learn more about how to create and submit a sitemap 12.
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Google also finds pages through links from other pages. See the Promote Your Site section later in this document to learn how to encourage people to discover your site.

Notify Google which pages should not be crawled
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You can prevent unwanted crawling of insensitive information with the robots.txt file

The "robots.txt" file tells search engines whether they can access parts of your site and thus crawl them. This file, which should be named "robots.txt", is located in your site's root directory. However, it is possible for pages that are blocked to be crawled with robots.txt so a safer method should be used to block the crawling of sensitive pages.

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You may not want the search engine to crawl certain pages on your website, as they may not be useful to users if they appear in search results. And if you want to prevent search engines from crawling your pages, Google Search Console has an easy-to-use robots.txt generator to help you create this file. Please note that if your site uses subdomains and you want to not crawl certain pages on a particular subdomain, you will need to create a separate robots.txt file for that subdomain. For more information on robots.txt, we suggest reviewing this Webmaster Help Center guide on using robots.txt 13 files.